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Lake Union Piers logo with water background

Lake Union Piers: Modernizing a Waterfront Destination

Working collaboratively with the community and our neighbors, we sought to create a vibrant waterfront destination featuring improved retail storefronts, expanded outdoor dining/entertainment opportunities, improved waterfront access, and additional maritime recreation in the heart of Seattle.

aerial image of seattle with ombre overlay

Why Vulcan Real Estate is Invested in the Future

Our holistic approach to development, our steady partnership, and our commitment to critical infrastructure is aimed to attract, retain, and foster vital communities of knowledge workers that will help our cities prosper.

Aerial view of South Lake Union in 2022

Returning to the Office and Our Neighborhoods

The office has been a cornerstone of the workplace experience and a longtime driver of neighborhood activity. COVID-19’s emergence has challenged this notion, the physical boundaries of office, and the concept of work-life balance.

Aerial view of 555 Tower under construction with Mt Rainier in the background

Construction Technology at 555 Tower Reaches New Heights

One of the most important considerations for the design of high-rise buildings is how to safely evacuate people in the event of an emergency. This need is made more important in office towers with the scale and profile like 555 Tower, currently under construction in Bellevue.

Mahi at Ondina construction site

Women in Construction Week: My Journey

Women in Construction Week is all about changing stereotypes around women working in the field of construction and encouraging the next generation of trade workers, project managers and architects.

Rendering of Ondina with light rail car in front

Building Thoughtful Residential Communities on the Eastside

In November 2021, we announced the start of construction on our first multifamily residential project in Bellevue, WA. The decision to expand our residential development portfolio to the Eastside was guided by the area’s recent exponential growth.

Vulcan Real Estate

Kids playing in Yesler Spraypark

From Seattle to Ukraine and Back: My Journey to Yesler

As I reflect on my journey from nonprofit housing to the Peace Corps, and now Vulcan Real Estate, I think about how a successful built environment is centered around the human experience.

Sitka community room

Storytelling Through Residential Building

At the end of the day, what I love most about the residential development process is the way we create homes for how people live. Whether it’s the resident’s first apartment or empty nesters that are downsizing, these are places where life happens.

Patrons at Espresso Vivace

Retail’s Environment May Change, But the Experience Doesn’t

Pandemic life has taught us many things – both personal and professional. It’s tested our patience while also challenging us to remain hopeful and resilient, and the last 16 months have shaken up the industry unlike any other economic downturn.

Retail plaza and pedestrians at Amazon 4

Enhancing Communities Through Thoughtful Retail

Retail businesses are a key component of vibrant, attractive neighborhoods. Curating the right mix of stores, restaurants, and services helps activate the streetscape and creates a sense of community for both patrons and business owners.

Vulcan Real Estate

woman walking thru pollinator pathway at Jackson Apartments

Reflections on Earth Day: Our Approach to Sustainability

Vulcan Real Estate is an established leader in conservation and sustainability. Our work is driven by our mission to create an ever-growing portfolio that ensures lasting value for all concerned, including the environmental impact on our communities.

Group of apprentices in front of ANEW sign

Our Commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

At Vulcan Real Estate, we build places that are socially responsible, economically sound, and environmentally progressive. Guided by these values, we recognize that we have an opportunity to be an instrument of change through the individuals and companies we hire.

Female construction worker

Incorporating Diversity Into Our Projects

Over the years, we have worked with city government and nonprofit organizations via apprenticeships and job opportunities to create entry points for those commonly left out of the real estate and construction industries.

Vulcan Real Estate

People in front of entrance to Jackson Apts

Engaging Community in Inclusive Design

It started with a simple question – What does culture mean to you and your family? This is what Lawrence Pitre asked the children of the Central Area to think about when making the artwork that would adorn the Jackson Apartments construction site.

Vulcan Real Estate

Close-up of There Is Another Sky

Art Meets Innovation in South Lake Union

Residents and visitors to SLU will notice many pieces of public art, including sculptures, murals, intricate glasswork and modern, street-level window displays by artists from across the region and around the world.

Vulcan Real Estate

Historic image of Pacific & Ford McKay buildings

Preserving the Past While Protecting the Future

Founded on a deep commitment to sustainability, our approach to adaptive reuse and historic preservation is visible throughout South Lake Union, which during the first half of the 20th century was home to many light industrial uses. 

Vulcan Real Estate

Cyclist and pedestrian along Swale on Yale

Leading Change Through Green Development

The Pacific Northwest is known for its natural beauty and Seattle, with its views of the Puget Sound and lush greenery, is no exception. In this setting, Vulcan Real Estate was founded in 2001 with a novel approach to real estate development.

Vulcan Real Estate

2019 slu block party poster graphics

South Lake Union Block Party Turns 15!

On August 9, the South Lake Union Block Party celebrated 15 years of music, food, and community with our largest event yet. Over 15,000 guests, 70 vendor booths, and 45 sponsors came together to raise a record-breaking $50,000 for FareStart and $7,500 for the South Lake Union Chamber.

Vulcan Real Estate

Crowd at MOHAI event

How SLU Became a World-Class Innovation Hub

Walking through the bustling streets of South Lake Union today, it may be difficult to believe that the neighborhood was once filled with blocks of warehouses and parking lots.

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inside Sitka's treehouse

A Treehouse? How Sitka Reimagined Apartment Design

Visitors to Sitka will immediately notice the uniquely Pacific Northwest design. Like a pearl within an oyster, Sitka’s most prized feature unfolds within the San Juan Island-inspired courtyard, which mirrors the region’s natural beauty.

Vulcan Real Estate

Bellevue skyline

Creating World-Class Spaces for Business in Bellevue

Of all the cities on the Eastside, Bellevue has seen the most growth in the shortest time—continuing to draw technology, creative and professional service firms to its downtown core.

Vulcan Real Estate

female construction workers studying plans

Helping Women- and Minority-Owned Business Enterprises Succeed

To help include more women- and minority-owned business enterprises subcontractors, we work with our general contractors to create bid packages that allow our project scopes to be broken into smaller portions.

Vulcan Real Estate

slu aerial in 2017

South Lake Union: A Success Story

Stand in the center of South Lake Union on any given weekday and you will see the activity of a vibrant innovation ecosystem that is buzzing with tech and creative workers, residents and visitors.

Vulcan Real Estate

kids playing in front of public artwork, maya

Creating Opportunity for All in Yesler Developments

Anyone who lives or works in Seattle is all too aware of the challenges that come with being America’s fastest growing city. How do we ensure that our city remains inclusive and welcoming to people of all income levels and cultures?

Vulcan Real Estate

salmon-safe construction fencing

Good to Be Green: Our Progressive Building Philosophy

Vulcan Real Estate is constantly working to improve the planet through our leadership in sustainable, green building practices. From our inception, we have been committed to building lasting value through the development of places that are socially, economically and environmentally progressive.

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