Economic Engine

We are catalysts for economic growth in the neighborhoods where we invest, increasing business opportunities, creating jobs and generating tax revenue.

55,000 increase in number of jobs in South Lake Union since Vulcan’s development began

Mixed-Use Neighborhood

We build properties that add vibrancy to neighborhoods. From commercial spaces for high-tech, life sciences and creative businesses to affordable, market-rate and luxury residential developments. All combined with diverse retail, restaurants and amenities.

17% affordable workforce housing in our portfolio

Pedestrian & Transit Friendly

We design to connect people to place, with greener streets, open spaces, pocket parks and plazas with public art. Whether it's ushering in the Seattle Streetcar or improving bike and walking access, we create transit-friendly spaces that benefit neighborhoods.

22 public artworks commissioned

Focus on Sustainability

We build to improve, protect and preserve the environment. We’re a leader in green development, innovators in stormwater treatment and protectors of salmon habitats.

World’s 1st Salmon-Safe-accredited developer

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Vulcan Real Estate is proud to be a part of the Vulcan commitment to making a better world.

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